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6 reasons why food is actually your best friend


1.They’re always around to make you feel better.

“There. There. He was a jerk. Butterscotch bliss will wipe your worries away.”
Food Understands

2.They know how to keep you company at the movies. 
“OMG that is so scary, I can’t watch. Eat faster, faster, FASTER!”

Popcorn knows

3.There’s no drama. They go straight to the stomach.
“Nom nom nom”

No drama

4.They always play the wingman when you bump into someone you like. “Hey would you like some fries?”


5.When you have a fight (read, go on a diet) they’re always very welcoming when you come back. 
“I know you missed me, don’t worry about it. We’ll make up for all the lost time.”


6.They make you smile. 
“I see peas of green, 
Red velvet too. 
I see them groomed, 
for me and you, 
And I think to myself,
 What a wonderful world!”

What a wonderful world