6 Places To Relish The Delicious Mumbai Sandwich

Dollops of butter, inside and out, packed with veggies and cheese if you like with two types of chutneys alongside of it. The quintessential Mumbai Sandwich is one of the favourite of the city. Office goers and college students love them alike since its low on pocket, high in taste and fills your belly in no time. Let’s explore the 6 best places to savour the Mumbai Sandwich.

The Right Place

6 Places To Relish The Delicious Mumbai Sandwich

This indeed is the Right Place to be if you want a megasauras version of the Mumbai sandwich. Available in brown bread or white and even the Jain variety, this sandwich is loaded with onions, tomatoes, boiled potatoes and capsicum. Their green chutney is absolutely amazing so don’t shy away from taking an extra pack. One sandwich can be your whole meal so you might consider sharing it if you’re simply out for snacking.

While there, do try their mouth-watering pani puri in which the sweet chutney is made using dates.

Churchgate Khau Galli

You will find everything here from a dosa, to chaat to dabeli. But what we love the most about this Khau Galli near Eros Theatre is that it serves a huge variety of sandwiches and is willing to accommodate any changes you’d like to make to it. The Mumbai Sandwich here is great and if that doesn’t fill you up completely, you can consider their Dabeli which as compared to many vendors in Mumbai, is not overly sweet.

Raju Sandwich

6 Places To Relish The Delicious Mumbai Sandwich

They have a variety of bread-based delicacies besides the classic Mumbai sandwich like rolls, pizzas, and even pasta for that matter. Go with a little appetite as we recommend that you try two sandwiches if you’re at Raju’s stall; one the veg cheese toast and the second, chilly cheese toast. The latter is absolutely heavenly and you will need an Aarey Energee at the adjoining stall after it. Bang opposite HR college, Raju Sandwich is a popular sandwich stall.

Lala’s College

Creative, delicious and cheesy, the sandwiches at the stall outside Lala’s college is absolutely amazing. Besides the regular sandwich you can try their chilli cheese toast made using finely chopped capsicum and onions. There is also a samosa sandwich which you’ll go nuts for and the unique part about this stall is that they use cheese slices instead of grating the cheese so it gives a delicious creaminess to the sandwich.

Hinduja College

For the love of garlic chutney and crispy, delicious Mumbai sandwiches don’t miss out the sandwich stall outside Hinduja college. There is a huge variety of sandwiches that the stall whips out on the weekend nights, you’ll see the stall packed with people. The khau galli also makes super-cheesy pastas, sumptuous frankies and a lot more. There is even a dedicated soda stall to wash down the heavy treats.

Say Cheese

This is for those who love cheese, this stall serves sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, nachos, rolls and even maggi. No surprise that it’ll all be loaded with cheese but it will also be loaded with flavour. Do try their melting sandwich and make sure to take your friends along, you’ll need help to finish it. There is no sitting place but the standing and waiting is absolutely worth it.

Image Source: TripAdvisor