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6 Meaty Lasagnas In Chennai That Will Make You Go Cheese


Cheese, juicy veggies or meat, delectable sauce and more cheese. Lasagnas have been everyone’s favorite comfort food since forever! I have never met a person who’s disliked lasagna and I bet you haven’t either. Living with a lasagna lover, I’ve grown to become a huge fan myself with an appreciation for the dish, it’s cheesy goodness, it’s delicious chunky sauce, and its juicy meat and vegetable fillings. Here’s a list of 6 gobble-worthy lasagnas that you can find in the city!


1. Lasagna Bolognaise at Azzuri Bay


This glorious dish is served with beef, white sauce, tomato basil sauce and mozzarella. Definately one you would enjoy any day!



2. Chicken Lasagna at That Madras Place

Portion of lasagne with bolognese and cheese

What’s awesome about this lasagna is that the pasta sheets are home made and fresh! The tender chicken baked with mozzarella and creamy tomato sauce will really make your day!



3. Lamb Lasagna at Bay146


Another delectable lasagna can be found here. What’s to love is the tender and juicy lamb mince baked with parmesan cheese in a lip-smacking tomato and cheese sauce. Yummy!



4. Minced Meat Lasagna at Lloyd’s Tea House

minced meat (2)

This lasagna will keep you coming back for more. It’s a beautiful traditional pasta baked to perfection with amazing minced meat sauce. Delicious!



5. Spicy Grilled Chicken Lasagna at 10 Downing Street

spicy grilled

If you like a little spice, then this is the lasagna for you! Prepare to indulge in a lasagna that’s so fine, it will melt in your mouth!



6. Chicken Lasagna at Crisp Cafe


The lasagna at Crisp Cafe is amazingly soft, cheesy and juicy that you’ll want more! The sauce is delicious and has the perfect flavour, you’ll be savouring every bite!


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