6 Jack O’Lantern Recipes For A Deliciously Spooky Halloween

Halloween is less than a fortnight away and the eerie excitement is building up. All the good costumes are gone and the good and juicy pumpkins will be gone soon too. And just in case you happen to be Jack O’Lantern-less on D Day because your grandmother used up all of it to make pie or Starbucks took it all to make its spiced latte, here are 6 ways to re-create the spooky lantern magic. And what’s even better is that you can actually gobble up these Jack O’Lanterns!


  1. Jack O’Lantern Tart

Creep out the other tarts with this Halloween special.


  1. Jack O’Lantern Deviled Eggs

That’s right. Deviled eggs for Halloween!


  1. Jack O’Lantern Fruit Salad

Balance out the candy overload with this healthy salad.


  1. Jack O’Lantern Mini Cakes

A chocolate-orange flavored cupcake for Halloween sounds about right!


  1. Jack O’Lantern Jelly

Am I the only one who wants to add some boozy spirits to that jelly mix?


  1. Jack O’Lantern Pie

A Halloween list without this is just incomplete and wrong.