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6 Hilarious Excuses Kids Make When They Don’t Want To Eat


As a child, even if you were a burgeoning foodie, you must’ve had some foods that you absolutely refused to eat. For me, it was vegetables. Any vegetables were completely icky, and I would come up with a whole range of excuses about why I could not eat spinach, beans, carrots, eggplants… and the list goes on and on. But, my excuses pale when compared to some of these kids’ excuses that feature in a new Instagram account aptly named #MyKidCantEatThis. Frustrated parents are uploading their kid’s excuses, along with photos of the food that the children not so graciously declined. Check out some of the funniest below.
  • “#MyKidCantEatThis because mommy peeled it and he wanted it peeled by daddy.”

Already picking favourites? Dangerous times lie ahead…

  • “#MyKidCantEatThis because all the intact crackers have been contaminated by broken cracker…”

In that case, some 90% of all the chips packets in the world would be contaminated. 

  • “#MyKidCantEatThis because it has the creeps on it…(black pepper)”

It actually does look a little creepy now that you’ve pointed it out. Maybe we should try creating more appetising looking pepper?

  • “#MyKidCantEatThisMy  because she’s big now, and if she got bigger it would be wrong. I guess the first half allowed her to achieve the ultimate height.”

The parent’s comment says it all. But, this does look delicious, and if it’ll make a difference to my height (a paltry 5ft 1”) then I’m going to go for it.

  • “#MyKidCantEatThis Can’t because it’s on a green plate.”

Maybe this kid is going through a pink phase. Or purple, or yellow.
  • “#MyKidCantEatThis because it’s not made of pizza”

I’m with you kid. Pizza is good.