6 Healthy Wraps That You Can Make This Weekend

Are you bored of your lunches you take to work? Mix it up a little and take it up a notch by making yourself some delicious, healthy and filling wraps. They are super easy to make and you can save up on time. Guess what? These can be made way ahead of time or can be even made and refrigerated the day before. All you have to do the next day is microwave it for a couple of minutes before eating. Isn’t this easy? Wraps are a great way to make the most of fresh vegetables and seasonal vegetables. You can also whip up some delicious and mouth-watering sauces to go with it. Try this at home and I bet you’ll look forward to your lunches hereafter! Here’s a collection of some tasty wraps that you can make this weekend.

1. Roasted Bell Pepper Wrap

Wrap 1

This dish will take you right to Greece. Roasting of the bell peppers adds the smokiness to the dish and takes it to the next level. This dish calls for pita bread or a multi grain flat bread. Roll together roasted red pepper, spinach, cucumber, goat cheese, feta and olives and taste Greece in every bite!

2. Turkey Taco Wraps


You can use hard taco shells or soft tacos. This is the dish where you can use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or the previous night’s dinner. You can also swap turkey with pulled apart chicken. Slather a generous amount of ranch or ketchup and roll the wrap with lettuce and turkey.

3. Egg Wrap


This is probably the easiest of the wraps. In a bowl whisk an egg. Crack in some fresh pepper and add salt to it. Pour the mixture in a flat dish and microwave it for two minutes. Roll the egg omelette with tortilla bread and grill or microwave it for another minute or two. Cut it in half and enjoy it with your favourite dipping sauce.

4. Falafel Lettuce Wrap


This is a healthy version of the regular fried falafel and dip. Make falafel balls by baking them in advance. Warm up some tortillas roll together fresh iceberg lettuce and the falafel balls. Drizzle your favourite dressing or sauce on top. This makes for a great lunch or evening snack.

5. Chicken Caesar Wrap


This dish is loaded with flavour! Mix Caesar dressing with some parmesan cheese and romaine lettuce and keep it aside. Place the pre-cooked chicken on one side of the wrap and a drizzle some Caesar dressing on it. Arrange the salad next to the chicken and roll them together into a tight wrap. Gill the wrap or warm it in a microwave for a couple of minutes and devour!

6. Tangy Veggie Wrap


Calling all vegetarians! Your lunches are never boring after today! To make this wrap, warm up some tortilla bread and slather a mix of siracha and ranch dressing. Evenly spread out a mixture of tomatoes, sliced onions, spinach, sprouts(optional) and drizzle some lemon juice over it. Roll it into a tight wrap and grill it over a griddle on both sides. Cut it in half and serve it with your favourite dip.