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6 Green Juices For A Healthy Week


Green juice is a blend of vegetables (greens) and fruits to a nice healthy beverage that gets you going for the day. The richest drink you can ever give yourself is a nice, tall glass of fresh green juice. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients of the various vegetables and fruits you combine together and has amazing health benefits like weight loss, glowing skin, and balanced metabolism. Green juices are the best if you’re planning to go on a juice cleanse or detox. 

Here are six of the best green juice recipes to kickstart your healthy week! And remember, all you’ve got to do is put your ingredients together and blend!

Day 1

This is the beginners recipe for green juice. For some of us vegetable based drinks take getting used to, so here’s one with more fruit to start!


Day 2

This is a great blend if you’re looking for something energizing. It has apples, celery, lemon, ginger, cucumbers, and more. Watch the video to see how you can make this one!


Day 3

This recipe for green juice feels like a miracle packed with the benefits of glowing skin! Watch this video for instructions to get blending!


Day 4

This recipe is packed with minerals and is the perfect way to detox thanks to the fresh green ingredients and the hint of parsley that you will absolutely love!


Day 5

Green juice just got fancy in this recipe! The taste of watermelon and grapes enhances the flavour of the juice along with the cayenne pepper and lemon.


Day 6

A healthy green juice like no other, this one is a great way to complete your detox week. How is this one different? It’s got pears, carrots and blueberries. Delicious!


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