6 On-The-Go Meals in Mumbai and the best Places to Get them

Hurry, hurry, hurry. That’s the philosophy of most native Mumbaikars and a philosophy that people new to Mumbai are soon forced to adopt to survive. We hurry from home to work, work to home to the gym, through the shower to the club and then back home. With our packed schedules we have barely enough time to breathe, let alone eat. That’s why meals on the go are essential to us Mumbaikars. Scan through this list to find out the best on the go meals you can find in Mumbai. 

1) Wraps


Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a wrap or Frankie stall selling vegetables and meats rolled in convenient bread wrap. If you’re craving a wrap, look out for a Tibbs Frankie shop which fuses Indian and Chinese in its Schezwan chicken Frankie, Faaso’s for its prawn tikka wrap and Wraps and Rolls which has a range of international flavours in its wraps; try the Moroccan chicken wrap or the New York potato wrap. 

Price: Rs 50 – 200

2) Shawarmas


Shawarmas are the Middle Eastern cousin of the wrap; you’ll be delighted with the mayonnaise, French fries and slow cooked meat or vegetables wrapped in pita bread. If you’re in Bombay Central try the shawarmas at Khan’s opposite City Center or head to the better known Carter’s Blue for a quick delicious shawarma on the go. 

Price: Rs 50 – 250

3) Momos


Unlike Bangalore or Kolkata, Mumbai has yet to have a momo stall on every second street corner – a fact that makes me terribly sad. However, there are some shops that you can get some excellent momos that are easy to nibble on as you walk. Stop off at Dim Sum N More at Churchgate station before you board a train home.  If you’re travelling by the Virar fast you’ll need some food in your belly – trust me. Or, try the Kepchaki momos stall in Khar. 

Price: Rs 50 – 100 (for four)

4) Vada Pav


Mumbaikars and vada pav share a very loving, very intense relationship. With thousands of vendors all over the city selling this Indianised version of the burger it’s hard to pinpoint the best. However, we do recommend you try the Ashok Vada Pav stall near Kirti college in Dadar and the Graduate Vada Pav stall near Byculla station. 

Price: Rs 20 – 50

5) Sandwiches


Sandwiches are the go to on-the-go meals not just in India, but all over the world. Mumbai, of course, puts its signature stamp on sandwiches by hosting stalls that sell bhel puri, Mysore masala and aloo slice sandwiches. Try the stall outside St Xavier’s College or the stall next to Mithibai college. 

Price: Rs 15 – 100

6) Kebabs


If, like me, you absolutely must have non veg at every meal or snack time then vada pavs and aloo sandwiches will not sit right in your stomach. Instead, devour delicious, juicy kebabs as you rush to work. While everyone knows about Bademiya and Ayub’s (they’ve been featured in Lonely Planet) I suggest you pay a visit to Mohammed Ali Road for some off-the-eaten track, authentic kebabs. 

Price: Rs 80 – 250 (for six)