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6 Foods that seem to be Vegan but are actually not


The life of a vegan is hard. We know. Especially when you go outside and try to order dishes that are completely vegan. You can control the things you know, but what about the stuff you don’t? 

Most time the animal derivatives in some products aren’t even mentioned on the label. 

Here are 6 foods you might want to be careful about the next time you go to the grocery store. You may think they are vegan but they aren’t. 

1. Beer 

It’s made from hops, right? Why wouldn’t it be Vegan? Actually, Beer is not necessarily vegan owing to the isinglass (a substance obtained from fish) it contains or gelatine, which are not always indicated on the label.


2. Chewing Gum 

They seem harmless but they actually aren’t. Most chewing gum contains contain lanolin, a sort of wax with waterproofing properties produced by sheep and which builds up in their fleece.

3. Bread 

What could be wrong with bread if it’s made from water, flour and yeast? Well, a lot actually. In certain types of bread it’s a common practice to add fats to the dough: oil or alternatively lard, butter or milk. You might want to look into it further before reaching out for that bread on the bread counter.


4. Potato Chips or French Fries

It has Potato in it’s name, right? And they come with your veggie burger. How could they not be vegan? Potato chips are fried and sometimes tallow is added. Tallow is rendered beef, horse or mutton fat. 


5. Red Sweets 

You might want to watch out for those red sweets. For their bright red colouring, a food colouring called E120 is added. E120 is a food colouring made from cochineals, insects belonging to the coccidae family.


6. Sugar 

This one’s a shocker. Next time you make a vegan dessert, take a closer look at the sugar. White  sugar may have been treated with animal bone char.