6 egg recipes that are so Egg-some, it isn’t Egg-y

Boil, scramble, toss, cream, bake them- you may be a yolk only or white only person, but most of us here are egg-people. I’m not saying they’re all we can eat, but they’re definitely on the menu somewhere. And why not, they’re the perfect go-to’s when everything else fails. So here’s a list of quick and easy, breakfasts, appetizers and the whole jing-bang. 

1. Scrambled Egg muffins 


2. Eggetarian “Meetballs” 

meatballsrecipe featured image

3. Eggs, potatoes and cheese cups 


4. Egg sandwich 

egg sandwich recipe featured image

5. Egg salad 


6. Egg custard Pie 

Featured image egg custard