6 Delicious Indian Curries That Call For Some Fresh Cream

Curry is a broad word used for any dish which is part gravy and part vegetables, lentils or meat. This may again be called many names like vindaloo, josh and korma depending on the style and region of cooking. India, with its 1.25 billion people, is a country with enormous diversity and each state or region has its unique twist to the basic curry. Indian curries are gaining immense popularity the world over. For a country like India that hinges on spices for unique flavor and dimension, there is a common misconception that Indian curries are mouth-burningly hot. The little known fact is that there are an umpty number of curries and kormas that are not spicy at all even though at least six to eight spices are used in its preparation. The secret ingredient used in making these is “malai” or fresh cream. Fresh cream brings roundness to the dish, adding flavor and mellowing the hotness of the dish. A dollop of fresh cream makes the dish rich, creamy and perfectly complements the meat or vegetables in certain dishes. To start with, you can try simpler curries like Paneer Makhni, Chicken Methi Malai, Malai Kofta for the love of fresh cream. Listed below are some of the best recipes you could make at home today.

1. Paneer Makhni

Ruchi Bharani from Rajshree foods is here to teach you the easiest way to make the best and creamy paneer makhni. The fresh cream adds loads of flavor to the dish. Watch the video to know more.

2. Murgh Malai Methi or Chicken Malai Methi

This is a delicious and creamy dish make with dried fenugreek leaves and pieces of juicy chicken. This is best eaten with roti, patathas or naan.

3. Malai Kofta

This is one dish loved by all for its rich and creamy flavor and texture. The dollop of fresh cream or milk added to the dish takes it to another level of creaminess. Celebrity chef, Harpal Singh Sokhi teaches you the subtle nuances to this dish.

4. Chingri Macher Malai Curry

This mild curry all the way from the costal lands of Bengal is here to woo you. Try this at home and love it! Add a dash of fresh cream to the dish for that oomph factor! Pour this over some steamed rice and get reminded of Kolkata’s by-lanes!

5. Egg Malai

You might have had different egg dishes before but not this one. This one will make you go bonkers as it is loaded with flavor. This tastes absolutely lip-smacking with some buttered naan or rumali roti.

6. Dal Makhni

This wonderfully creamy dish will hit all the right notes. A plate of steaming hot rice is all you need to eat dal makhni with!


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