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6 Delicious Donut Recipes To Celebrate World Donut Day


Happy Donut Day! Well, we don’t need to wait for the first Friday of June each time we crave a donut, right? So, let’s try out these luscious recipes with which you can make awesome donuts at the comfort of your home. Bon apetit!

Chocolate Filled Donut Recipe

A pop culture recipe from one of the most popular show – FRIENDS!

Banana Donut Recipe

A sumptuous combination bananas and donuts, you’re going to love this one.

Eggless Donut Recipe

For all the vegetarians out there, don’t keep yourself away from donuts!

Cronuts Recipe

An irresistible cross between croissants and donuts, this one’s from the show Two Broke Girls.

French Cruller Recipe

Let’s not leave the cruller behind while celebrating Donut Day!

Homer’s Favourite Donut Recipe

A luscious pink icing with sprinkles on top. Yup, Homer’s living the foodie life, just like us.

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