6 Copycat KFC Recipes To Whip Up At Home

Do you absolutely love KFC? We do too; we think there’s no better cure for the blues than KFC’s delicious fried chicken. However, sometimes instead of stepping out we decide to whip up some KFC inspired fare at home. Try these recipes to make some finger lickin’ good food yourself!

KFC Style Fried Chicken Recipe


KFC is famous for its Kentucky Fried Chicken. This recipe blends a special combination of herbs and spices into to coat the chicken.

KFC Style Hot Wings Recipe


The KFC hot wings are spicy, succulent snacks. Try this recipe do make some truly delicious wings.

KFC Style Nashville Chicken Recipe


KFC’s Nashville chicken recently arrived in India. It blends together cayenne and smoked paprika to coat the chicken have it as a snack.

KFC Style Fiery Grilled Chicken Recipe


The fiery grilled chicken, as its name suggests, is spicy, crispy and grilled to perfection. Have it as an appetiser to a meal.

KFC Style Popcorn Chicken Recipe


Popcorn chicken is one of my favourite movie snacks. The nuggets from these recipes are covered with a crunchy, crispy batter which gives the chicken a hint of spice.

KFC Style Coleslaw Recipe


Coleslaw is a salad made by combing raw cabbage with salad dressing. In KFC, in addition to cabbage, it has carrots, onions and dressing. It’s served as a side to most dishes. Enjoy this with all these chicken dishes you’re going to whip up.