6 Charities In Delhi Making Sure Everyone Has A Plateful On Christmas


Christmas is more than just decorating a tree, eating a lavish spread and distributing gifts. The festival calls for merry not only in prosperous households, it’s a celebration for everyone and these charities are making sure of just that. Do your bit and donate some festive grubs to these organizations so that everyone has a Merry Christmas!


1. ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

An arm of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation doesn’t only distribute donated food but also has a full-fledged kitchen that provides for the mid-day meal of hundreds. Do your bit here.EVT2889_header_ISKCON FOOD RELIF FOUNDATION copy


2. Delhi Food Banking

Supported by individual donations and corporate funding, the Delhi FoodBank provides sanitation, health, nutrition and basic livelihood necessities to ignored sections of the society. Donate here.delhi food bank



3. Samarpan Foundation

The non-profit organization provides aid in the fields of food distribution, healthcare and rehabilitation. Samarpan accepts edible leftovers depending on the season and related hygiene factors. The NGO will either have the food picked up from you place if given prior notice or request you to arrange for the transportation. Start here.samarpan


4. Mera Parivar

Based out of Gurgaon, Mera Parivar assists the underpriviledged in the field of vocational training and formal education and feeds donated food to its students. The NGO will pick up food from houses and corporation within Gurgaon but parties from outside Gurgaon will have to arrange for the drop. Donate now.mera parivar


5. Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses

SPYM helps rid people of harmful addictions, works for the upliftment of disease stricken people and social development. The team will happily accept food – leftovers and fresh – in acceptable condition and distribute amongst homeless kids. Feed a needy now.spym


6. Uday Foundation

Uday Foundation is out to feed not just the ones in need but also the kin of the underprivileged. The organization runs free food vans for families of poor patients in the hospital to release them of extra expenses. Spread the cheer starting here!free-food-van