6 Carcinogenic Foods You Probably Have Everyday

Quitting smoking and alcohol is not enough to avoid the risk of cancer. With so many forms of cancer developing in millions of people all over the world, you can’t be too careful these days. Man has evolved and so has his food. But with this evolution we are only degrading the food chain and life on our planet. Every time we shop for our groceries we are sure to avoid the foods that are definite carcinogens but here is a list of six items you still buy and consume without really realising that they increase the risk of cancer.

1. Microwave Popcorn


This convenient bag you watch pop before a movie night at home contains a toxic chemical in the lining of the paper bag that is also used to coat Teflon pans. It is a known carcinogen and can cause infertility and cancer. Speaking of Teflon, you are better off using a regular pan than a non-stick pan for the same reason – the chemical used to coat the pan. Consuming more oil is less problematic than increasing the risk of cancer. Coming back to microwave popcorn, the kernels used are often GMO produced. GMO is going off the shelves for causing a lot of health as well as environmental problems. Even if some companies don’t use GMO corn kernels they are not using organic either.

2. Potato Chips


Everyone’s favourite snack, a potato chip is your companion on game day or even as budget comfort food when you break up. Not only do they contain high fats that can cause weight gain but they also contain lots of salt which can cause stomach cancer and other artificial preservatives that are carcinogenic. If that wasn’t enough because potatoes are fried at high temperatures it causes the production of a chemical that is found in cigarettes too. If you must have potato chips, try baking some at home instead of buying some. Or opt for banana chips which are comparatively less unhealthy than potato chips.

3. Soda


Your companion to chips if not alcohol; soda has artificial sweeteners that are a known carcinogenic. Aspartame is one of the main sweeteners used in most sodas. Not only does a soda consumption aid weight gain but obesity is becoming a big problem and it’s not just the USA we are talking about. Other than increasing the risk of cancer, sodas also have been known to be the cause of stroke, obesity and diabetes. Studies have shown those consuming more than one soda a day are at a higher risk of these problems than those who don’t.

4. Sugar


Sugar in any form, white or brown is carcinogenic. It spikes your insulin levels and increases your risk of diabetes. Also, sugars help in the growth of cancer cells. Apparently it’s not just you who has a sweet tooth here! Replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey and organic fruits is a good way to reduce the risk of cancer.

5. High salted foods


High intake of salt can cause blood pressure problems. But that is not where it stops. Studies show that high salted foods are known to increase your risk of stomach cancer. Foods that are smoked or use salt as a preservative contain nitrates that can under certain circumstances become cancerous and thus it is best to reduce the intake of salt and salty foods. Pickles, packaged roasted nuts, chips, processed meats are all high salted foods that can cause a spike in the risk of cancer.

6. Diet Foods


Diet foods that contain the labels of sugar free or low fat are all worse than their regular versions. For example you are better off eating regular full fat and full sugar cookies that sugar free cookies. The reason is because diet foods don’t contain fat or sugar but they are replaced with higher quantities of artificial sweeteners to make up for the loss in taste. Avoiding these labelled foods is the best way to reduce the chances of being diagnosed with some form of cancer or any other harmful illnesses.