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6 Bizarre Videos Depicting Food Addiction From TLC’s Freaky Eaters 


Have you ever come across TLC’s Freaky Eaters? It’s a show on TLC that follows people with bizarre eating addictions. Check out some of the freakiest eaters below.  

1) Addicted to French Fries

Eric is addicted to French fries. Sounds pretty normal – don’t you love French fries too? But, Eric is in a different league altogether; eating anything other than French fries makes him have a panic attack. 

2) Addicted to Maple Syrup

Each day, Daniel douses at least two cups of maple syrup over all his food. He claims it was born from the memory of his grandmother’s waffles covered in maple syrup. 

3) Addicted to Cheeseburgers 

This man is on a Super-size me diet for life. He eats 28 burgers a week. 

4) Addicted to Liquids

Whitney is on a pure liquid diet; she can’t stomach any solid food. 

5) Addicted To Cheesy Potatoes




Each day, Kelly eats a minimum of 8000 calories every day in cheese covered potatoes. 

6) Addicted To Ice Cream Bars

Whitney says that ice cream bars are like ‘crack’ to her. She gains comfort from eating ice cream bars.