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6 Amazing Gadgets for Every Coffee Addict


“Don’t talk yet, I have to get me some coffee” a sentence you say once too many? You know you’re a coffee addict and no one and nothing can change that.  But, you can have some fun with these amazing gadgets made specifically for coffee lovers. Gift it or keep it for yourself, you’re sure to find a perfect fit.

1. Coffee Beans that Moderate your Coffee temperature


Burn-my-tongue-hot coffee one second and horribly-cold the next minute. These coffee beans, Coffee Joulies, are designed to temper your coffee so that you neither burn your tongue nor have it go room temperature in a minute.

2. The ‘Now you May talk” mug


Some of us simply need some caffeine in our systems before we deal with the rest of the world and this mug tells them exactly when it is safe to talk!

3. Coffee maker Alarm


Wake up not just to your alarm but a nice hot cuppa. What is better than the smell of coffee?

4. Coffee Ice Cubes


Cold coffee getting watery thanks to ice cubes? Use coffee ice cubes instead!

5. Cuppa or Espresso Shot


Sometimes it’s good to have stuff that saves space. Whether you want a good cup of coffee or just an espresso shot, you don’t have to look too far for different cups! Flip for a cuppa or a shot!

6. Self-Stirring Mug


We’re in the age of multitasking pros, what are you doing stirring that coffee with your hand? Get the self-stirring mug and keep yourself free for one more task!