Jamie Oliver, Kunal Kapur & Jacqueline Fernandez Sign India Up For A Food Revolution

Celebrity chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver signs up India in taking a step towards eliminating the global health crisis. The chef, who has has previously been known for dealing with health issues like child obesity, aims at creating more awareness around the aforementioned and to get people on board the Food Revolution.

The Food Revolution is a global campaign started by Oliver, which highlights the way kids around the world have access to food in addition to how they consume and understand the same.


Star Support

Joining the revolution were chef Kunal Kapur and Indian movie star Jacqueline Fernandez. The duo, on Friday, joined Oliver in the awareness campaign.

Kapur’s expert cooking skills graced the occasion as he along with Jacqueline prepared a nutritious meal at Bandra’s Pali Village Café. The chef said that it’s an initiative he feels strongly for as it is of utmost importance that children are educated about health and nourishment.

“It’s great to be involved in the Food Revolution this year. Even as millions of kids suffer from malnutrition, last year over a quarter of Indian children between the ages of 13 and 18 were obese. If we’re going to combat the nutrition crisis we have to do it as one,” Jacqueline added.Champions of Food Revolution Day - Jacqueline Fernandez and Chef Kunal Kapur pose for shutterbugs-min

The two stuck to easy and simple and nutritious cooking, as is the theme, with two easy recipes – masala omelet and sattu paratha. Not only are sattu and eggs super healthy but also ingredients that are easily accessible to the majority. “Sattu is a staple food for people in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal and Orissa. It’s high in protein, iron and fibre,” Kapur said. The occasion was even streamed live on Facebook to garner max attention.


Up Next

As mentioned before, chef Jamie Oliver has been the voice of children-related diet and health issues earlier as well. “The last 15 years have been tough at times. There were a few of us out there asking questions, wanting answers and making a lot of noise but it often felt like no one was listening. But recently we’ve started making headway, governments are beginning to change policies,” says Jamie.

Oliver will take the next chapter of the Food Revolution to the World Health Assembly in Geneva later this month, where he’ll deliver a keynote speech. Major leaders and influential policy makers from the world over will attend the assembly.food_revolution