“Being vegetarian is far healthier”, Kareena Kapoor Khan On Ghee, Veggies & Health


She loves herself some Nawabi gravies and can’t do without ghee. Kareena Kapoor may have set unreal health standards with her size 0 figure, but she restores the universe’s balance by following a completely healthy diet sans any starvation. Here’s a detailed account of what the young Begum likes on her platter.


Veggie All The Way

The former-meat loving vegetarian has maintained a meat-free palate for years; couple that with a family of foodies and you’re bound end up in a pile of shattered will power. But the actress proclaims that she no longer craves it.

“Being vegetarian is far healthier. I eat just about everything in vegetarian food. It helps that I like eating at home much more than dining out. I enjoy simple, home-cooked meals: veggies, roti, dal, rice. But, like most of the Kapoors, I love eating. Once in a while, I indulge myself with a samosa or a kachori.”kareena-kapoor-gq-india-magazine-march-2015-hot-photoshoot

Image: GQ


Ghee Lover

The Ki&Ka lady may look like one who sticks to fat free ish and scurries at the sight of ghee and butter. But guess what? She proudly admits that ghee is her one true love when it comes to food.

“I like it (ghee) on my rice and dal, and on my rotis. Ghee, contrary to what many people believe, has several health benefits. My grandmom is still beautiful in her 80s, and she has eaten ghee all her life. I believe her clear skin is because of all the ghee she has eaten. Ghee also makes your body supple and keeps you energetic.”

She even likes her comfort food – a plate of home cooked dal and rice – topped with some ghee.phulka-roti-applying-ghee


Eat Everything

Kareena Kapoor jumpstarts her morning with a sumptuous breakfast of some juice or milk, a bowl of muesli or upma,or idli, and sometimes a paratha. Every once in a while, she treats herself to some cheese as well.

A Thai and Italian lover, Kapoor maintains that one should eat everything but in moderation and sets an example for the same herself. “If I want to eat a pizza, I stick to eating two or three slices and supplement my meal with a soup or a salad.

“To up my fitness levels, I have added soups, salads, yoghurt and nuts to my diet. I generally try and eat small meals through the day. I try and avoid rice, but I can’t get over my weakness for cheese. I believe one should eat a balanced diet with what’s available locally, if one wants to stay healthy.”kareena-kapoor-with-magnum-ice-cream

Image: East West News


The actor undoubtedly looks like a million bucks every time and it is amazingly comforting to know that that figure is sweat and no starvation. We’re floored, Bebo. Again.