500 Domino’s Outlets To Go All Veg This Navratri

Domino’s Pizza, the multinational pizza chain will be turning nearly half of its outlets vegetarian during Navratri, a Hindu festive period.

Going Veg

Domino’s outlets across India already have several vegetarian options in keeping with cultural preferences.

Dominos Veg pizza

However, this Navratri, they will be serving only vegetarian pizzas in North, Central and some parts of West India, where Navratri is majorly celebrated.

During Navratri, some Hindus stop eating certain types of food like meat, wheat, garlic, onions and processed foods. Therefore, along with only serving vegetarian fare, the Dominos outlets that are part of the program will be serving pizzas made with water chestnut flour and without garlic and onion.

Veg pizza

They will also be serving sabudana crispies and dumplings seasoned with rock salt.

“Consumption of non-vegetarian food reduces significantly during this time. This move is an acknowledgement that though we are a global brand, we are conscious about consumer needs. It’s about making a statement to consumers,” Domino’s Pizza India President Dev Amritesh said to the Economic Times.

The pure vegetarian menu will be available at 500 Domino’s outlets, out of the 1,062 stores they have across the country. It will come into effect on October 1st and continue for 9 days.