50 Things Foodies Around The World Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful about the blessings, goodwill and luck showered upon you throughout the year. Being foodies, the major things that we are thankful for is without doubt the food and drinks that we’ve downed (and of course all the discount coupons and offers). Here are the top 50 things that deserve a special mention this Thanksgiving!


  1. Oreo Churros

The cream filled cookie transformed into bite-sized churros.oreochurros


  1. The 48 Piece McNugget Bucket

NGT48 and McDonald’s Niigata decided to let us have some more McNuggets.ngt48_sub_01.0.0



  1. Kurkure Pizza

If this doesn’t get you jumping then you’re not a true desi. Period.Kurkure Pizza


  1. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

The kiss of honey with kick of chili peppers. Yes please!Featured image bees knees spicy honey


  1. Chocolate Pills

A chocolate flavoured pill to improve blood circulation? Hell, yes!chocolate


  1. Golden Kit Kat

All hail, Japan! Thank you for thinking us worthy enough of eating gold. Almost.KitKat Featured


  1. Kit Kat Croissant

Now it’s perfectly fine to eat chocolate for breakfast.rsz_1make-homemade-kit-kat-bars-intro


  1. Hello Kitty Café

Ideas like these make me feel that I might have grown up in the wrong era.50 Things Foodies Around The World Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving


  1. Harry Potter Themed Bar

The place saw so many happy “wizards”, Hogwarts almost felt insecure.Featured image Harry Potter Restaurants


  1. Fooji

Placing an order via emoji. Does it get any simpler?50 Things Foodies Around The World Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving


  1. Pepsi Perfect

This one definitely took us back to the future!pepsi-perfect-2015


  1. Big Mac Sushi

Chef Hiroyuki Terada showed us how if you’re dedicated enough, everything is a sushi.Featured image sushi mac


  1. Mtn Dew Black Label

Let your drink tell others how badass you are. *manly burp*Mtn-Dew-Black-Label-Drink


  1. Spaghetti Cone

Eating spaghetti on the go minus the clumsy.feature image spaghetti cone


  1. Starbucks’ Tall Holiday Menu

The holiday menu got bumped up by a massive number that included special like the Australian favorite – Flat White.feature image starbucks holiday menu


  1. Pumpecapple Piecake

Pumpkin, apple and pecan pie infused to layer a towering cake. Enough said.Featured image pumpecapple


  1. Star Wars Cereal

As if the seventh episode coming out wasn’t enough, fans could now eat and collect there favorite characters and droids.Star-Wars-Droid-Viewers-all-700x239


  1. Burger King’s Buffalo Chicken Fries

Spicier, hotter and the perfect combo of buffalo wings and chicken fries!buffalochickenfries


  1. Starbucks’ Butterbeer Latte

This menu off the Starbucks secret menu was a dream come true for all Harry Potter fans!feature image butterbeer


  1. The Cocktail Computer

A computer that lets you measure out and shake up the perfect cocktail!102115-Cocktail-Computer-Jhila-Farzaneh-THUMBNAIL-1


  1. Spaghetti & Meatball Cone

Ladles of cheese and a massive one and a half pound meatball!Featured image spaghetti meatball cone


  1. Butter Sushi

Jinen in Osaka, Japan added a slab of butter to its sushi and the world went crazy. For good reason.feature image butter sushi


  1. Bulletproof Coffee

Dave Asprey put butter in his coffee and guess what? He dropped over 100 pound and of course now everyone loves the Bulletproof idea!bulletproof7


  1. Rainbow Bagels

This unicorn of bagel world was vibrant, colourful and all things rainbow!fwx-kitchen-trash-rainbow-bagels


  1. Ben & Jerry’s Beer Ice Cream

This beer-flavoured gelato had us by our belly.beer ice cream


  1. Kid Licks’ Edible Nail Paint

We turned nail biters just for the sake of this.kid-licks-red-964x644


  1. Steem

A caffeinated peanut butter that brought together our breakfast and morning cuppa as one.feature image steem


  1. Nutella Selfie Jar

Now you have a Nutella jar that knows you by name. It’s oddly satisfying!nutella1


  1. The Black Burger

Followed by a number of hues, the black buns truly started a food trend that got us all hooked!blackburger12n-5-web


  1. Starbucks’ S’Mores Frappuccino

S’mores meets Frappuccino and belly meets fat. But we like!starbucks 1


  1. Starbucks’ Anniversary Flavors 

The coffee giant launched 6 new flavors in honour of the original Frappuccino’s 20th birthday!feature image starbucks


  1. The Diet Video Game

The game designed by UK psychologists psyched players into eating less.VideoGames


  1. KFChizza

A fried chicken crust pizza, courtesy KFC!FriedChickenPizzaCrust


  1. Oreo Thins

Slim phones, TVs, laptops, tabs, people and now Oreos!oreothin


  1. Imperial Spherificator

The machine turns every possible liquid on the face of this planet into caviar. Now eat that!Imperial Spherificator


  1. McD’s Gourmet Burger

There’s a reason why the English are known for their up class funk!rsz_gourmet-burger-alderwood


  1. Pizza Hut Projector Box

This is what dreams (and weekends) are made of – pizza and movies.Featured image 10 pizza hut new box


  1. Nitro Coffee

The versatile element – Nitrogen – made it’s way to coffee to give us the morning beer.Nitro-Coffee-Toronto-Bakery-Kaffee-Haus-300x300


  1. Peace Day Burger

When Burger King tied up with four other brands to create the ultimate peace day burger. And no, McD wasn’t party to this.PeaceDay


  1. McD’s Organic Burger

That milestone moment in history when we used ‘organic’ and ‘McDonalds’ in the same sentence.Featured image mcdonalds new burgers


  1. Hawaiian ‘Ice Cream’ Bananas

Mother Nature gifted us the tastiest gift possible.Ice Cream Bananas


  1. Pizza Pouch

Stupidiotic went ahead and did the crazy – the invention of the pizza pouch.PizzaPouch


  1. MiniBrew

This home-brewer is every beer lover’s BFF.MiniBrew


  1. Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box

If I were Thumbelina, this three-level box would be my home!Triple Treat Box


  1. Selfie Toaster & Cookie

Eat your face. Literally.SelfieToast


  1. Rainbow Dorritos

Because the chip too wanted to be a part of the Gay Pride Parade.Rainbow Colored!


  1. Lay’s Southern Biscuit & Gravy

When Lay’s ‘Did Us A Flavour’ and came up with this exciting new version!Lays


  1. McD’s Mozzarella Sticks

Happiness is…THIS.Mozzrella-Sticks-Baked-Fried-8608


  1. Kellogg’s Queen Flakes

The Queen ate diamonds for breakfast!Queen Flakes


  1. MAGGI.

The comeback of the century – Maggi. The reason why hunger rates have gone down in the Indian subcontinent – Maggi. This has to be THE reason why the Indian foodie is thankful this Thanksgiving!maggi


Did we miss anything What food or beverage are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!