50 Food Trends That 2017 Gave Us

Every year we are given a number of edible blessings from the FMBC, F&B, hospitality, and restaurant industries in the form of never before seen eating spaces, recipes, and food trends. The last one – food trends – being the most volatile and hyped, much like any other trend. In 2016 we saw some amazing food trends like the Hawaiian diet, purple foods, and sparkling foods; and 2017 wasn’t far behind. While we predicted some trends for the year, it gave us many more to go gaga over. Here are our 50 favourite food trends from 2017.


  1. Unicorn Food

Probably the biggest trend of 2017, the Unicorn food trend took the restaurant industry, Instagram, and Starbucks by storm. It was just your regular food, but with a dollop of magic and fantasy, which made all the difference. It didn’t matter what your food preferences were, which part of the world you came from, or where you ate at/from, if you were a normal functioning human in 2017, the Unicorn food trend must have touched your life in one way or the other.


  1. Mermaid Food

Only a few shades different from the Unicorn food trend, this vibrant albeit muted trend was all about the marine tones, pearl shades, and pastel hues. Ariel would have loved this one!mermaid-toast-new-instagram-love


  1. Blue Ramen

These ramen are blue da-ba-dee.blue-ramen-food-trend


  1. Rose Ice Cream

Because scoops are too mainstream.rose-shaped-ice-cream


  1. Pretzel Sandwich

For when you want to snack on a meal.


  1. The Fookie

It’s pronounced just like a cookie, but with an F instead of a C. And as you’d imagine, it is the combination of a cookie and fudge. fudge-cookie-fookie-america


  1. Raindrop Cake

Is it a cake? Is it jelly? Who knows!


  1. Rainbow Food

Because the mermaid and unicorn palettes were not colorful enough.


  1. Floating Noodles

Just in case noodle soups weren’t satisfying enough for you.floating-noodles-america


  1. Galaxy Food

From toasts, to cakes, to bagels, the universe was all over our food!


  1. Pickle Juice Soda

When sugar is a foe, but pickle and soda are bae.


  1. Clear Coffee

It was all fun and games till someone mistook it for water.


  1. Insect Ramen

No. Just, no.


  1. Garbage Ice Cream

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Garden Inspired Cakes

You can now grow some cacti and eat it too!


  1. Spaghetti Donut

When Italy met America.


  1. Charcoal Food

All aboard the emo train, we also had a whole bunch of pitch-black foods and drinks in 2017! Though in all honesty, our pupils got a little break from all the mermaid, unicorn, and rainbow inspired grubs.


  1. Avolatte

Somethings just shouldn’t have been.


  1. Creamart

When Disney took over our morning cuppa Joe!


  1. Gemstone Toast

Yay, more colours on my toast. But jokes aside, this one was legit gorgeous!


  1. Cloud Eggs

We cried a little at a sight of this cloud-like egg dish. Oh, Internet.


  1. Caffeinated Bagels

Because who has time for two different items, right?


  1. Donut Fries

Cholestrol? Carbohydrates? What are you even talking about?!


  1. Silkworm Noodles

This one may not have gone down as smoothly.


  1. Food Makeup

Umm, sure.


  1. Pizza Ice Cream

Don’t we all just love innovators!


  1. Avocado Art

One of the few times playing with one’s food was fine.


  1. Glonuts

Who doesn’t like some glow in the dark food? We wouldn’t be lying if said that we wished for a boxful.


  1. Ketchup Leather

Genius or icky? You decide for yourself!


  1. Burger Through A Straw

Taking the freak shake look to a whole other level.


  1. Star Shaped Cheese

We still can’t believe that this happened!


  1. Croffle

Croffle stands for croissant + waffle, just in case you were wondering.


  1. Snorting Chocolate Powder

As long as people aren’t OD-ing, we’re fine. I guess.


  1. Burgrito

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some are encased in taco shells.burgrito-food-hybrid


  1. Cheese Tea

Just your regular cup of tea, but spiked with a dollop of salty cream cheese. We’re not even kidding.


  1. Crossushi

Who said you couldn’t have sushi for breakfast? This croissant-sushi mash up was just the reason we needed to incorporate some fish into our morning routine.


  1. Sushi Burrito

Yep, this happened in 2017. Sushi lovers lived a dream when a sushi the size of burrito was rolled out.


  1. Turmeric Latte

And India did one big eye roll directed towards the West.


  1. Eggsplosion

A perfectly cooked poached egg placed on rice and a prick causes a little burst or explosion. Thank you, Japan.


  1. Matcha

And again, thank you, Japan.


  1. Buddha Bowls

One of 2017’s hottest food trends, these food bowls bring together all the important food groups – veggies (raw, sautéed and/or roasted), protein (legumes, tofu or meat), greens, seeds, and dressing – in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.


  1. Boozy Milkshakes

Wow! Who knew Whole Foods wasn’t all PG-13?


  1. Dill Pickle Vodka

For when you crave pickles so much that you want to get high on them too!



  1. Taco Eyes

No, not like potato eyes. This make up trend transformed eye lids into mini tacos.



  1. Gluten Free Diet


  1. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

When a healthy lifestyle hits you so hard that even your pizza is made up of cauliflower.


  1. Foot Long Fries

Because the world needed these!


  1. Plant-Based Eating

Yet another indication that a healthier generation isn’t very far along.


  1. Vegetarian Meat

Just in case you thought soy meats were ridiculous.


  1. Taco Donuts

The multipurpose taco of the future is here.


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