5 Upcoming Eateries To Look Forward To At The DLF Mall Of India, Noida

The new and shiny DLF Mall Of India has instantly taken the somewhat browbeaten cousin of Delhi – Noida – from “why?” to “oh my!” in just a matter of few months. The sudden influx of major fashion brands was soon followed by a swarm of eateries that Noida couldn’t even believe it would ever have. There were now restaurants such as Chili’s, United Coffee House, Instapizza, Imly, Café Delhi Heights, The Big Chill Cakery, and many more on this side of the Yamuna! But that’s not all; the long list of restaurants to hit Noida is still increasing. Here 5 delightful more eateries that are yet to grace the city.


  1. Nando’s

The first Portuguese outlet to hit the Capital will soon be a part of Noida’s food scene too. Big on poultry, Nandos’ fiery chicken grills topped with its signature sauces are one of a kind. The place is known by its smoky food char grilled to awesomeness and sauces that come in four degrees of spiciness.feature image cyber hub nandos

Image: nandosperiperi


  1. Johnny Rockets

The delightfully chirpy diner is coming to Noida! Johnny Rockets is loved throughout NCR for its amazing burgers, towering glasses of thick and creamy milkshake, hot dogs, loaded sandwiches and an unmatched lively diner ambience.philly johnny rockets

Image: Zomato


  1. The Big Chill Café

If you’ve visited or lived in the Capital for long enough, this one doesn’t need an introduction. The big daddy of The Big Chill Cakery, The Big Chill Café goes by as the Mecca & Medina of milkshakes, blueberry cheesecakes, thin crust pizzas, pastas and whole menu of freshly baked desserts.big chill mezze

Image: Zomato


  1. Zizo

Zizo brings the rich and fresh flavours of regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea to India. With crisp and chic ambience, it steps up your meal with a splash of class. The restaurant serves delicious Lebanese and Mediterranean grubs that’ll instantly transport you to the coasts of Santorini.feature image zizo

Image: Zomato


  1. Made In Punjab

True to its name, Made In Punjab stirs up a hardcore desi feast for the makhni-loving soul. The menu is loaded with typical North Indian and Mughlai dishes, which means you are definitely coming back home with one happy and stuffed belly. Their butter chicken is a sin and the dal makhni sheer delight!made in punjab

Image: knightchef


Come soon, you guys!