Which Of These 5 Types Of Caffeine Is Your Best Option

Which Of These 5 Types Of Caffeine Is Your Best Option

Kicking back with a cup of coffee is a major hack that people use to wake up from slumber, cure a hangover or at least keep the fatigue at bay till the work hours are done with. But it’s always good to know which kind of caffeine preparation keep you mellow and which keeps you going for hours right?

So let’s take the expert opinion of Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN and a dietician who was interviewed by Well and Good and here’s what she has to say: “The effects of caffeine really depends on if the individual is a fast metabolizer or a slow metabolizer.” She has also compared types of caffeine drinks to show which causes what effect.


And when we say coffee it is a regular black coffee with no sugar and the one with non-contaminated beans can last you 4-6 hours. And to avoid a crash James suggests to add some milk or have a latte instead.


James says that even though latte has more caffeine, the effect is altered due to milk. “If you add milk, you’ll have less of a crash than you normally would because it negates part of the adrenaline response that happens from caffeine.”

Bulletproof Coffee

The bulletproof coffee according to James may kick-in faster than a coffee, the presence of additions like butter or ghee might reduce the crash but may not completely prevent it.


One of the most viral trends, matcha keeps you mellow because of its low caffeine content and no crash cases. “The reason for that is because of the ECGs (an antioxidant) and other phytonutrients in it. It’s antagonistic toward the adrenaline response.” Matcha has lower effects with milk so try have it with water.

Black Tea

It may not kick in as fast as coffee which is obvious due to much less caffeine but it’ll keep you calm, even calmer than what matcha does.