5 Tips To Store Your Cheese The Right Way!

Love Cheese? Treat It Right!

Cheese is a favourite of the most but many of us don’t know the right way to store it at home. Cheese like wine needs special attention and treatment. It’s not too complicated, just follow these 5 tips to store your variety of cheeses.


Throw Away The Cling Wrap

Cling wrap or plastic wrap builds moisture and leads the mold to grow so it’s best to never use it for storing cheese. Wax paper is best thing you can store your cheese in. It keeps away the moisture and won’t dry it up. Alternatively you can use a grease-proof paper too. For blue cheese however, wrap it loosely than the others as it tends to become liquid as it matures and of course delicious!

Buy A Whole Block Of Cheese

Cheese is better stored if you purchase it whole. And hey, you can never have enough of your favourite cheese, right?


Slice It Like A Cake

At a gathering or otherwise too, cut up the slices of cheese like a cake. This is so that everyone gets the center of the cheese and are not stuck with the rind. It shows great cheese etiquette as well as it makes you a good host!


Stop Refrigerating All Of Them

Not every cheese needs to be chucked away into a corner of the fridge. The expert advice from Paxton & Whitfield say that the soft ones like the blue cheese needs a temperature between 41-47 degrees and be kept in the refrigerator. However, a cold room with a temperature that is between 46-59 degrees is enough to store hard cheeses. It is only before serving that you should get to a room temperature though.

Keep It With Your Greens

Chuck your block of cheese in your salad or vegetable drawer of the jfridge. This helps retain the moisture due a slightly humid environment.