5 Tips To Make The Perfect Hamburger

Although there is probably a very slim chance of getting a burger – any burger – wrong, one can never be too satisfied when it comes to food. The combination of a patty, sauces, veggies and bun can hardly ever be made or taste wrong. But as we’ve seen before, there does exist a phenomenon called the ‘perfect burger’.

The folks over at ChefSteps have put together a highly detailed tutorial to teach you how to make that perfectly juicy, delicious and mess-free homemade hamburger. The secret lies in giving your patty a little extra attention. And in order to carry out the patty construction flawlessly, ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly talks about some of the basics of putting together a picture-perfect burger patty in a tutorial video.


  1. Divide & Cook

Crilly says that the secret to a perfect burger lies in separating the patty from the rest of the burger. No, he is not suggesting an open burger, but is simply asking to put in a little extra for the desired patty texture and taste.


  1. The Meat

The essential element of any patty is the meat. And to make sure that everything is perfect – or on fleek, as the kids call it these days – the best way is to grab some freshly ground meat from your butcher. “The stuff in the packages could’ve been ground weeks ago. You want nice, coarse-ground, fresh beef.”Cheeseburger


  1. Egged Up

To hold the patty together and to prevent it from falling apart at the very first bite, adding the egg is important. The meat to egg ratio should be one egg for every two pounds of meat. “The egg holds on to the juices as the patty cooks”, adds the chef.


  1. The Construct

An ideal patty is made of 200 grams of the meat-egg mix. This results in a gorgeous patty of about 1-inch thickness, which super crusty on the outside and deliciously juicy on the inside when cooked. It is advisable to use a ring mold to make an immaculate and even patty.


  1. Thaw It Right

Now, before you take the patty to the grill, there are two more steps that come before. Once you’ve shaped you meat into patties, freeze it for a while to make it a little easier to handle. Next, to thaw the out of the frozen state, place your patties in a plastic Ziploc and place in hot water. Remove when done.


If you’ve followed these five tips then nothing on this planet can stop you from stacking a flawlessly decadent hamburger. Watch the full video to see how Cilly creates burger magic in his kitchen, while you pick certain nuances of cooking your patty right.

Find the full recipe here. For more such handy tutorials, head over to ChefSteps’ website or visit their official YouTube channel here.


Feature Image: Happy Video Network