5 things that should stay away from the Microwave

If you’re like me then your first impulse to heat anything up is to ‘pop’ it in the microwave- but throw these things in there and stuff might just ‘pop’ all about the place. So go through this list and make sure you keep your microwave happy and healthy by keeping these things away. 

1. Fruits


If mushy, fruity mess is what you signed up for, then pop away. Fruits die a little when you throw them in the microwave. That’s not the end of it, grapes will, in fact, explode! 

2. Water


I know I know. If microwaves were not meant for water and popcorn, then what are we doing with them anyway? Water is fine, just throw in a stirrer with that mug of water to prevent it from boiling over when you drop your teabag in it. 

3. Bread


How to kill a bread in 30 seconds? Yup, you guessed right. Bread in the microwave equals chewy mush after 30. If you must heat up bread, try an oven instead. The same goes for breads like chappati or naan (in India). Tyres might sound like a better option as opposed to microwaved chappati. 

4. Peppers


Red Hot Chilli Peppers don’t like the microwave. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in making peppers spicy and it vaporizes when exposed to microwaves. When you remove peppers from the microwave, the very same vapor will kill your senses. Okay, that sounds dramatic; just don’t put your peppers in there. 

5. Eggs

 Eggs new

The Enemy of the Microwave occupies the snug last spot. If you’re looking to boil eggs and you put them in the microwave- Boom! No kidding. The egg will go boom. So please, unless you’d like yolk-y mess inside the microwave, keep your eggs in the basket, not the micro.