5 Things you shouldn’t be feeding your dog EVER

Give a dog a bone. Not really.

You’ll be shocked and your pet’s tail will go between his legs if he hears this list. It rules out most things you’re feeding your pet already. So beware, or be bear. 

1. Scraps and Bones


Scraps off the table are a strict no-no. And bones, I know, I know: He loves them. But no, pets should not be given bones either.



Onions make dogs lethargic when consumed in large quantities and are definitely not good for him on the long run. Other members of the same family, like shallots, garlic and leek are also a ‘no’. 

3. Dairy

Jess, the ultimate Springer Spaniel Sheep Dog with bottle of milk feeding the orphaned lamb called Shaun in Devon

Even though we read everywhere that milk is for puppies, the truth is that they are lactose intolerant and face digestion issues when given milk. 

4. Avocado


If you’re making yourself some Avocado shake and you’re thinking, “Hey Pooch, why don’t you eat healthy too?”. Beep. No avocado for dogs. They contain a compound called persin which complicates a dog’s digestion.

5. Chocolate


We saved the worst for last. Don’t let him look at you with those adorable eyes as you wolf down that chocolate bar. A minute on a lips and .. Well just don’t do it. Chocolate is not for dogs; it’s your poison.