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5 Things Your Coffee Grinder can do other than Grind Coffee


Yes, your beloved coffee grinder that grinds your coffee beans to perfection to give you that perfect decoction to jolt you awake in the morning can do more. Apart from being the single most important thing in the morning. It can be used to crush, chop, and grind a variety of things

What else can it do? Read 0n below.

Chop Herbs

Don’t let fresh herbs go to waste. Dry the extras and then give them a quick chop in your coffee grinder. That way, you can save and use the dried herbs all year long.

 Grind Spices

Add flavour to your cooking by toasting whole spices (like cardamom pods or cumin seeds) in a pan, allowing them to cool completely, and then grinding them in a coffee grinder.

 Chop Nuts

It doesn’t matter if you’re making cookies or crusting chicken tenders, many recipes require chopped nuts. If you only need a small amount, toss the whole nuts into the grinder and pulse until ground.

 Make Breadcrumbs

If you run out of breadcrumbs, don’t run to the store. Toast a piece of bread, break it up into smaller pieces, and then grind it in your coffee grinder — it’s an easy way to make a small amount of breadcrumbs in a pinch.

 Mill Flour

 Have you ever wanted to try a recipe and then noticed that it calls for a small amount of flour that you’ll probably never use again? Instead of purchasing a bag of non-wheat flour and letting it go to waste, mill your own in your coffee grinder; it’s perfect for everything from almond flour to oat flour.