5 Sunday Recipes for Happy Sundays at home.

Yawn. Sundays. We get it. 

Sundays, whether you’re staying with friends, family or all by yourself, are Sundays. You can’t seem to come to a conclusion on what you really want on a Sunday. The rest of the week is a blur- good or bad. But everybody needs a Sunday. And what better to do, than to run along to the kitchen and spoil yourself? You’ve been eating rushed meals all week, you know. Give your taste buds a Sunday too. We’re not going overboard. Just something to get your ‘happy’ . 

1. Marble Cake 

homemade marble cake

2. New York Cheesecake Cookies

Cookie, I cheesecake you.

3. Amish Cinnamon Bread

Bread me some!

4. Garlic and Cheese Bombs 

Grab' em Bombs!

5.California Club Sandwich

Clubbing all the way.