5 Street Stall Drinks To Quench Your Thirst

Most people living in India’s metropolitan cities go through hellish commutes. A walk to the bus stop, then a walk from the bus stop to the station, and finally a walk from the station to college was my daily routine for three years. In the summer, these walks can be extremely draining. Luckily for us, all through our commute are millions of street stalls selling cool, refreshing drinks to quench our thirst and re-energize us. Here are a couple of drinks you should look out for. 

1) Kala Khatta


Both sweet and sour and packed with ice this syrupy drink is a traditional Indian favourite. Every summer, stalls selling kala khatta do booming business.

2) Coconut Water

coconut juice_compressed

Coconut stalls are also engulfed with waves of customers during summer. While it’s very refreshing, coconut water has high levels of potassium, glucose, Vitamin C and Vitamin B, which make it an extremely healthy option.

3) Nimbu Paani


Nimbu paani is traditional lemonade with a desi twist. Served at almost every street corner it’s the ideal drink to gulp down in a hurry and feel instantly energised.

4) Sugarcane Juice


A favourite among college students, sugar cane juice is sweet and cold. In Mumbai, street-stalls have sugar cane presses that juice the sugar cane, which is a novelty to watch.

5) Milkshakes


Cold creamy milk, sugar and a flavour full fruit make for a mixture that will be loved for many summers to come. At present, mangoes are in season so look out for mango milkshakes.