5 Sports-lovin’ Lunch Combos You should Be Eating with at US 101

Your 101 to US 101

“The best way to watch any sport is to have a pint of beer, good food, and company that supports the opposing team. That way somebody wins at the end of the day.” said this friend of mine, trying to sound wise. A week later when we walked into US101, I knew just the place that you could have a blast watching a match. And what’s more, this place doesn’t just telecast Cricket, but any sport that you may possibly be interested in. The ambience is just what you would want for a sports bar. It works for you even if you’re only looking to have a nice time with a group of friends. They’ve got bands coming to entertain you once a week and of course, Ladies night every Friday.

US 101 recently got a makeover after which the place has been bustling with energy. They’ve now introduced a new menu that has some pretty interesting choices. We had a couple of them and we can’t seem to stop talking about them.

Veggie delight Pizza

Now when it comes to pizza, we’ve tried them all. So we’d like to believe that we’re not easily impressed unless they’re really good. Well, a long story short, this one was really good. We had a vegetarian delight pizza that looked absolutely beautiful!

Big Boy Burger

Soon after, the big boy burger was brought to our table. This is named so aptly, because it will definitely take someone with a huge appetite to be able to finish it. It’s big, has the heavenly combination of bacon and beef and served with a generous quantity of fries. What can you possibly not like about this?

We went on to taste the combos that US 101 serves. These are a steal! The quantity of food that you get for the price makes you one very happy customer. We picked out these starter-main course combinations from their combo menu. They pair these with a pint of beer or a soup and of course, dessert. We hear brownie and ice cream might be making an appearance. 

1. Chilli Paneer,  Singapore fried rice 

chilli paneer

Fried rice

Presented picture perfectly, this is a dynamic combo. These 2 dishes go with each other so well, because the spice of the chilli paneer balances the rice perfectly. Match made in heaven? You bet!

2. Drunken chicken, Chicken chilli garlic noodles 

drunken chicken


This is what you’re going to be when you’re done with this combination – Drunk in love. Oodles of noodles (we’re not kidding about the quantity) in a big bowl is just the way you should start your evening. Top this with a drink of your choice and you have yourself an ideal meal.

3.Fried Calamari, Grilled fish with scallion sauce 

IMG_5536LR IMG_5560LR

Yes everything tasted fantastic but this one was our absolute favourite. Golden brown grilled fish was served with flawless mashed potato. We say flawless because of the consistency of it. It is very smooth and light.

4. Cilantro Chicken, Grilled Chicken sandwich 

IMG_5558LR IMG_5543LR

The grilled chicken sandwich is super filling and is definitely more than your average snack. Cilantro chicken is cooked to perfection and is quite flavoursome.

5. Cottage Cheese bruschetta, Primavera pasta

IMG_5547LR IMG_5539LR

If there’s one thing that we, at Hungry Forever, absolutely love, it’s well-presented food. Bruschetta was presented very well and the pasta was so colourful. It was quite a treat even after we’d clicked pictures of it. The pasta was perfectly creamy.

Here’s a sneak peek of the brownie too, 


Find US 101 at GLM Meridian, 80A, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road.