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5 Snow Cone Recipes for Summer


Indian summers are best known for pickles, mangoes and – gola! A quick flashback to running behind the gola-walah and kala khatta stained t-shirt days. Did you know snow cones are super-easy to make and you can get creative and come up with your own customized syrups! We bring to you some easy snow cone recipes to make the summer even brighter and better.


Homemade Snow Cone Syrups

 If you master this, you can pretty much start your own snow cone company!




Colombian Snow Cone

This fruity snow cone will make you want to do the Cumbe.




Beer Snow Cones

 Freezing beer is a genius idea!




Hawaiian Shave Ice

 This video tells you how to make the ultimate summer favourite.




Strawberry Snow Cone

 Make your own strawberry snow cone syrup at home. You’ll never buy the bottled version from the store again!