5 Smacking Cheesecake Toppings!

You didn’t think that there were toppings to cheesecakes that could be just dreamed up! That is what most celebrity chefs do. They recreate the classics to twisty new delicious one with just new toppings or double layering. We will stick with the topping for today

Chocolate topping with Caramel Cream


Chocolate with caramel cream makes for a great topping, you could even pick the best of Lindt for the dressing. Just make a classical cheese cake and once set, take it out of the mould. Melt any toffee that there may be at home. Mix that with whipped cream. Spread it over the cheesecake. Set it in the fridge for one hour. Then head for your favourite chocolates, and let the magic begin, paint the pretty picture you like to set on the table.

Peach and Brandy Topping

Peach and brandy_compressed

Whisk cream until nice and fluffy. Take a tablespoon of condensed milk and add brandy to it, blend well and add it to the whipped cream. Take a tin of peaches stew them in sugar syrup and cinnamon for just two minutes drain and set aside. Cover the cheesecake with whipped cream and dress with the stewed peaches.

Cranberry with Cream Cheese

Cranberry topping_compressed

Take a tub of cream cheese and nicely blend it with a fork until smooth. Add this to beaten cream. Take a tin of cranberry, stew it in sugar syrup. Cranberry will need a little extra sugar while stewing, that is why it complements so well with cream cheese. Now use this stewed cranberry as topping for the cheesecake.

Praline and Nuts Topping

Praline and nut topping.jpg 2_compressed

Roast the nuts you wish to use. Get them a golden hue. Set them aside. Make the praline by melting sugar with a little water. When the sugar has melted and turned yellow, add butter and then when it turns golden pour over a sheet of butter paper. Allow to cool and use a rolling-pin to crumble the praline. Slather whipped cream over the cheesecake throw the nuts over and sprinkle the praline to glint all the way to the table!

Blue Blueberry

Blueberry Topping_compressed

For all cheesecake the toppings we have to whip the cream, so we do that for this too. Add a little blue food colour to a tablespoon of condensed milk and add it to the whipped cream. Flavour the cream with Curacao Liqueur. Add stewed blueberries atop. There is a little more magic that you can use. Colour sugar crystals blue and sprinkle on top. There you go! A great topping has just been created!