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5 Sandwiches to Party with this IPL Final


After nearly two months, the night that we have all been waiting for is finally here. The IPL Final. We have seen some of the most exciting moments, tears, heartbreak, joy and happiness. We have cheered on our favourite teams and our beloved players till the last bit of energy leaves us. Tomorrow’s IPL final will be a nail-biter and we are going to need all the energy we can get! 

Hence, we have gathered up for you a few quick sandwiches to fuel up during this all important, nation-stopping match. We have taken the IPL fever a bit further and named these sandwiches after some of our favourite teams. 

1. The Royal(e) Sandwich 

Vegan Sandwich – An all-healthy and vegan sandwich that will make you feel like a Royal. 

Vegan Sandwich

2. The Kings Club Sandwich 

California Club Sandwich – A Club Sandwich fit for kings. 


3. The Grilled Challenger Sandwich

Hawaiin Grilled Chicken – The sandwich is a filler and it is going to be quite a challenge to finish it all.

hawaiian Chicken Sandwich Recipe

4. The (K)night Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese – We relate the Grilled cheese to a mid-(K)night snack. Get it?

Cheese takes on Green.

5. The Egg Bhajji Sandwich 

Egg Sandwich – This sandwich is so good that you will make a dusra

egg sandwich recipe featured image