5 Rules from Victoria’s Secret Model’s Diet

Looking Victoria’s Secret Body type takes great focus and willpower. That being said, a few quick rules and you could be next on the runway. The ‘above all’ rule being, “never diet, just eat right.” So here’s a quick five on how food can do its part in making you look Victoria’s Secret Material. 

1. Breakfast comes first

Let’s talk about breakfast, shall we? First things first, sugary cereals, fluffy custard donuts- off the table, please. Think smoothies, fresh fruit juices, vegetable power shakes and egg-white omelettes. Try blending 1 cup of ice with ½ cup of frozen berries (like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries). ½ cup of plain yogurt (lowfat), 1 small banana, 1 tablespoon of honey and ½ cup of rolled-oats- for a fruity start to a perfect day. 

Berry smoothie

2. Lunches and Dinners

Lean meat for the meat eaters and steamed veggies for the rest are the key here. Stay away from carb heavy pastas and bread. The Angels keep the eating ‘clean’- which means less processed food and more natural food. Desserts are a strict no-no and if you can, you may eat the occasional ‘small’ chocolate bar- just to keep things balanced. 


3. Keep on Snackin

Some of you will dig this rule. Models like to keep snacking on small eats frequently to keep the metabolism going. Make note though, not fries, chocolate or finger food; but some almonds or a little bit of fruit. 


4. Subtle Supplements

Models like to take little supplements for the hair, skin and nails just to maintain that shine. These need not necessarily bought at the chemists’ and may be found at your local supermarket. Miranda Kerr drinks four teaspoons of coconut oil a day to keep her skin and hair looking glowing and healthy.


5. Water for Models

As with all healthy living, drinking loads and loads of water is the first step to looking and feeling great. Flush out toxins and keep your skin glowing. If you can’t drink water by the gallon, try eating fruits and vegetables that are high in water content like cucumber and watermelon. 


We won’t say ‘And that’s all it takes’. But what we will say is that you’re half way there! All you need now is good exercise to go with your healthy eating.