5 Restaurants in Mumbai where your furry friend can tag along

Bring your own pet

That you love four legged creatures is not new. That you own one is something really awesome. But sometimes it really gets annoying when all you want to do is go out but the restaurant won’t allow pets. It must break your heart to leave behind your best buddy every time you go out. I know my heart breaks and it breaks so loud! But thanks to these restaurants you and your furry mate can enjoy a meal with others just like you.

1. Gostana


Where: Bandra

Pets: Pet friendly

A really quaint and cosy joint and a little hard to find if you’re new to the city but it’s a must visit. They’re pet friendly so be ready to meet lots of four legged sweethearts. The food is really good too, they’re known for their burgers so go ahead and try one. All they ask is an hour’s notice before you drop by with your pet.

2. Mutt-Hutt


Where: Pop up shop

Pets: Pet friendly

Keep abreast with their facebook page because that’s where you’ll know where to find them. They say “Even humans are allowed” and since they’re a pop up you get to meet many people who own dogs and those who love dogs. Quite the social network for dog lovers, if you ask me!

3. The Bagel Shop


Where: Pali Mala Road, Bandra

Pets: Pet friendly

Known for their bagels, you should try the burgers they have to offer too. Your pet is welcome here and the ambience is such that you’ll easily spend a few hours without really realising.

4. Moshe’s


Where:  Cuffe Parade

Pets: Allowed in the outside dining area               

Moshe’s has great fondue and desserts. But what’s even better is that they let your pet in the outdoor section of the restaurant. Really, when restaurants let you bring your pet it’s the best feeling ever. Somehow you enjoy more because you are happier when you’d have to leave your pet behind.

5. Leaping Windows


Where: Versova, Andheri

Pets: Allowed in the outside dining area

This place has comic book that you can read while you eat and pets are allowed in the outside dining area. So there’s food, then there’s comic books and then you’re pet is with you. Do you really need anything else?