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5 Recipes Dedicated To Teachers Who Made Us Who We Are


Do you remember the teacher whose spectacles were always on the nose, or the one who used to talk as slow as a snail? Or maybe the one who rapped up the class to attention with their friendly demeanour and hilarious jokes. We’ve all had annoying, scary and endearing teachers so here’s are 5 recipes dedicated to them.

Frisco Sour Cocktail

As the name suggests, this cocktail recipe is dedicated to teachers whose mood always remained sour. Even towards the scholars of the class! Find the recipe here.

Smoked Fish

Ever experienced having a teacher who could get furious at the drop of a hat? Yes, I’m sure we all have. Here’s a recipe commemorating the teachers whose anger we were always scared of. Here’s the recipe of a smoked fish for that awesome memory!

Leek Soup

Here’s to the lenient ones. The ones who let us take an entire class off or those who increased our marks just by saying please. The ones who just let the little things go. Hats off! Make this leek soup to commemorate those days!

Angel Food Cake

Yes, you guessed it right. The angels. The ones who brought meaning and values to our lives. The ones who inspired us and taught us right from wrong. What better than an Angel Food Cake to remember our angels in disguise?

Tater Tots

This recipe is for the ones we looked forward to in class. These teachers made us laugh till we dropped, made our classes fun, learning easy and well, made us feel like kids. Here’s to those teachers who we would be sharing examples of, well, all our lives.

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