5 Reasons Why Pear Should Be Your Choice Of Fruit This Winter

As the temperature drops and the weather changes for the worse, don’t let your spirits need weigh you down this winter. Make Pears your fruit of choice to cut short a winter visit from the cold and flu bugs. Pears are a sweet fruit with a fibrous center they are rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fibre. Pears are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants which support immune system health.

USA Pears perfectly compliment the Indian Pear season as the season ends in September and these arrive in the market from October making December the best time to eat them whether fresh or cooked.

Here are the top 5 reasons why USA Pears should be your go-to fruit this winter.

Reason 1: Fibre Punch

5 Reasons Why Pear Should Be Your Choice Of Fruit This Winter

Pears are one of the highest fibre fruits. One medium-sized pear contains 6 grams of fibre toward your daily goal of 21 to 38 grams. The skin contains the majority of the fibre found in a pear, so enjoy the skin for added flavor, texture, and nutrients.

Reason 2: Weight Check

Pears are a great snack if you are looking to lean down or trying to keep those winter kilos at bay. It also helps you feel full after eating since they contain both insoluble and soluble fibres. Increased fibre intake has been associated with enhanced weight loss for obese individuals.

Reason 3: Happier Gut

Fibre helps prevent and relieve constipation and can keep you from developing painful haemorrhoids as well. Pears contain a unique combination of nutrients that help maintain normal bowel function and promote good gut health. A more efficient gut allows the body to readily absorb nutrients from your food and helps build immunity. Pears are approximately 84 percent water, which helps keep stools soft and flush the digestive system of toxins.

Reason 4: Prevents Cancer

The high content of fibre present in pears binds to the carcinogenic cells by removing them and prevents colon cancer. A pear a day can prevent breast cancer by up to 34% in women after menopause.

Reason 5: Better Health

5 Reasons Why Pear Should Be Your Choice Of Fruit This Winter

A pear a day might also keep you from having a stroke. Increased fibre intake which a pear provides has also have been shown to lower cholesterol levels. It also lowers the risk of diabetes and stabilises blood sugar in people with diabetes. Pears contain high levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C and K, and copper. These chemicals mop up free radicals, protecting our cells from the damage they can cause.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Pears, however there are many more benefits including its high nutritionist quotient, a healthy complexion, increased energy, and a lower weight. This winter make sure you make the most of it and reap their health benefits. This season, USA Pears have entered India with two varieties of Anjou, both green and red. Also, for the first time a small volume of Starkrimson and Bartlett Pears have been imported into the market. For a tasty and healthy treat, indulge yourself with a mouth-watering USA Pear, this winter. Visit your nearest store and grab the goodness of the USA Pears.