5 Reasons Why Hawaii is Doing Chocolate Right

Aloha Chocolate! We celebrate you- literally.

We bring you 5 reasons why Hawaii is a Chocoholic’s Paradise.

1. They have a Chocolate Festival

I know we’ve all wanted to celebrate chocolate the minute we tasted its creamy goodness. But Hawaii went one step further. They have a yearly festival that celebrates what they call ‘Brown Gold’ and they do it in style. Chocolate cheesecake bonbons, extra-dark chocolate slabs, chocolate on  sticks, chocolate vodka and a whole lot more. They don’t stop at food- with things like chocolate soaps and creams on the list too. Do visit the Chocolate Spa, Chocolate Garden and Coco Café & Tea House- yes, we said Spa. So this is a yearly thing, right? Get on that plane. 

chocolate festival

2. They are the only state to produce Chocolate in the USA

In the USA, the only state to have a chocolate production going this huge, is Hawaii. They’ve got the climate, the soil and the craftsmanship to export chocolate that’s of excellent quality. 


3. They have Chocolate Soap

One quarter moisture milk, rose petals, jojoba oil, chocolate.. Wait, what? Hawaii has huge production units that allow the rest of the world to bathe in chocolate. Yes, you heard right- Bathe. And what is more alluring than that?

chocolate soap

4. They have Coffee that was meant for Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate- who needs anything else? Hawaii is also one of the largest producers of excellent coffee that goes will linger on your lips forever. 

coffee chocolate

5.They have combined Chocolate with Alcohol

 They have 360 Chocolate Vodka and Kona Brewing Company’s new chocolate beer. I don’t know Kona and I don’t know 360, but whatever they are , I need them now. 

chocolate vodka

 Forget the coconuts and the tiny umbrellas in drinks, give me the chocolate, Hawaii. You’ve done chocoholics proud.