5 reasons why you should eat your food slowly

Eat Slow. Chew your food.

We know the drill. But why, really? Why is it better not to inhale food? We’ve done our reading and are happy to tell you just why. 

1. Lose Extras’


Eating slowly tells your brain that your stomach is full. This helps it tell the mouth to stop stuffing itself. So if you look at it, you’ll be eating a whole lot less. 

2. Easy Digestion


Eating slowly makes us chew more. This is the mouth’s contribution to digestion. So eat slow, chew more. 

3. Therapeutic for the Fast Food Lovers


In our fast paced lives, the only thing that isn’t moving is what’s on the plate. So let’s keep it that way shall we? Sit down for a meal, have a chat and while you’re at it, eat slow. 

4. Enjoy your food


Food wants to be enjoyed. It wants to make you happy. Now why would you take that away from food? 

5. Less stress


Studies show that slow eaters tend to lead lives of lesser stress. They’re not always rushing through their meals and this helps them relax.