5 Rainbow Cakes in Chennai That Will Light up Your Day

Every living soul is a major fan of rainbows unless you were goth or a vampire and preferred to be engulfed in darkness. But the rest of us know that rainbows are magical and brilliant and what better way to give the rainbow the respect it deserves than to embody it in cake form. There are several places in Chennai where you get to enjoy this multi-coloured fluffy dessert. The procedure to create this cake is elaborate and time-consuming and the recipe isn’t dead easy to remember and perfect. That’s why it is advisable to leave it to the experts. Hence, instead of trying to hone our baking skills let’s always truly believe in store-bought cakes. This extravagant chilled sponge cake sits inside swirls of delicious buttercream icing with exquisite layers of dyed batter inside, it is the perfect finishing point for every meal. It is perfect for birthdays and parties.

Assembling this cake is of paramount importance. The construction takes quite a while to perfect but the end result is always light and delicious. Rainbow cakes are a perfect sweet treat to chew on any given day of the week! We’ve jotted down the most requested list, a list of places where you’ll find and most definitely enjoy eating this gorgeously vivid cake!

Lloyd’s Tea House

This is a seriously amazing rainbow cake; beautifully light layers of dyed cake sandwiched together with a generous filling of decadent sweet buttercream! Absolutely yum!



This place has a mighty impressive rainbow cake that is perfect as a tea-time dessert. Who are we kidding? There’s no set rule. It is still brilliant if you were to parcel it home and freeze it to fulfill your unpredictable midnight cravings!


Cake Walk

After you finish devouring some awesome home-cooked or restaurant grub, your taste buds are always fishing for closure. By that we mean a toothsome dessert to complete your meal. The rainbow cake here is simply marvellous in taste and you’ll see yourself revisiting this place too often that they might just label you “Regular Customer”. Don’t think they’ll slash the prices for you, though.


Cupcake Company

This cake is definitely not for those trying to cut their flabs into flat nothings. The cake here is an indulgent treat and is perfect for any celebration, small or big. And we are all for celebrating small victories especially when it involves this beautiful rainbow cake.


Zaiba’s Sinsations

The rainbow cake here is the perfect comfort food you could eat on a warm Sunday morning. Not necessarily though. It is super delicious and moist that it is near impossible to turn down a second helping. Get your dessert spoons ready to scoop a load of this cake. Ever experienced the phrase yummy in my tummy? Well, you will after a generous bite of this.

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