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5 Quick Food Getaways From Delhi


The thing about being a foodie is that we’ve eaten it all, and if we haven’t then eventually we will and subsequently the city will run out of places to eat. But the good news is that there are places right outside of Delhi that serves one of the best dishes ever created in the country and here are the five places that top our list of quick getaways.



Where: Sonepat, NH1

A 48 km drive from the capital, Murthal is the paratha-lover’s dream come true. With dhabas lines along the highway, the best ones to visit are Gulshan da Dhaba and Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. It’s the perfect place for a Sunday brunch with your folks.




Where: Uttar Pradesh

Situated along the banks of the Ganges, this city is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. A 160 km away from Delhi, it is a 2.5-hour drive to Mathura via the Yamuna Expressway. Famous for religious aspects, Mathura is also known the world over for its delicious pedas. Apart from the pedas, other delicacies like chana chiwda (which unlike other places is not deep fried but roasted in sand), moong dal ka pakoda and the typical UP kachori, sabzi and jalebi.


Puran Singh Da Dhaba

mutton curry

Where: Ambala, NH1

Started by freedom fighter Puran Singh, this is a typical dhaba along the Delhi – Amritsar highway, no big deal. Except that it is a huge deal. Puran Singh Da Dhaba is considered amongst the best dhabas of the country. The food is exceptional, and stalwart foodies swear by it. The specials on the menu include mutton curry and lachha paratha.



Paneer tikka side view

Where: Karnal, NH 1

Yet another food milestone along the NH1, the Haveli is a traditional Punjabi themed restaurant. It is also one of Asia’s largest theme restaurants. A pure vegetarian restaurant, Haveli specialized in paratha, dal makhni and all things Punjabi.


Chokhi Dhaani

chokhi dhani thali

Where: Delhi – Jaipur Highway, NH8

This breathtaking settlement on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is the model of a typical Rajasthani village. Chokhi Dhaani offers a variety of activities, entertainment options and of course food. The food is a traditional vegetarian Rajasthani thali with bajre ki khichdi, daal baati, gate ki sabzi and dollops of ghee and sugar. A 5 hr drive from Delhi and complete with a luxury resort, Chokhi Dhaani is the ideal place for weekend recreation.

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