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5 Paella Recipes For Celebrating Spanish Paella Day


The crustacean flavours of the seafood with just the right amount of spices makes for a delicious Spanish Paella. So let’s celebrate the day by trying out 5 amazing paella recipes.

Vegetarian Paella Recipe

Though authentic paella is made using seafood, vegetables can work wonders with this dish.

Seafood Paella

Coming to an authentic recipe, this involves a variety of seafood but of course you can pick the freshest available in the market and modify.

ZNMD Spanish Paella Recipe


Even Bollywood couldn’t resist the charm of Spanish cuisine.

Arroz Con Pollo Recipe

Though not made using seafood, the recipe comes quite close to a paella and is made using chicken.

Prawn Paella

Too much seafood might be too much for some people so this one is a simple paella made using prawns.

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