5 Orange Is The New Black Recipes To Throw A Prison Themed Party

Whenever we’re feeling a little low (like when Monday looms) we think of Orange Is The New Black. At least, we tell ourselves, we’re not cooped up in a prison like Piper Chapman. Despite being set in the prison, Orange Is The New Black still manages to have some wonderful food moments. Here’s how to recreate them with some simple recipes.

Corn Quiche

In one episode of Orange Is The New Black, Red gets her hands on corn from the prison garden and makes delicious corn quiches. Make your own with this recipe.

Red Velvet Doughnuts

O’Neill and Bell, two officers from the prison complain to a man at Trudy’s doughnut shop about the red velvet doughnuts. They claim they’re overpriced and taste terrible. Make some that the officers would approve of using this recipe.

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is a Russian dish made with chicken fillet that is rolled around butter and coated with eggs and breadcrumbs. Red fantasizes about making it when there’s a chicken loose in the prison yard.

Coconut Cake

In one episode Tricia tries to convicne Miss Claudette to make a coconut cake for her girlfriend’s going away party. Make your own using this recipe.

Butternut Squash Soup

In season 2 of Orange Is The New Black, Vee mentioned how she made Taystee butternut squash soup and a salad. That must have seemed like a feast fit for kings for prisoners, but we can bet it’ll taste pretty great even if you whip it up at home.


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