5 Of My Go-To Recipes for Vanilla Milkshake

One can make outrageously creamy vanilla milkshakes with some milk, ice-cream, and some delicious syrups or extracts. Here are a list of luxurious vanilla milkshakes whose irresistibly creamy mass will make you go nuts! And those who love to make those slurping sounds say aye!

Toasted Vanilla Coconut Milkshake

Everyone loves the smell of toasted coconuts! It is all right to have vanilla choices when it comes to milkshakes! See what I did there? This awesome, thick, and slurp-worthy milkshake is made using vanilla ice cream, canned or home-made creamy coconut milk, shredded and lightly toasted coconut shavings and a lavish dollop of thick whipped cream! Who wouldn’t want this? We sure do!


Skinny Banana Cream Pie Vanilla Milkshake

This is pie in liquid form and we totally encourage and accept all forms of pie. It is mid-November and the rains have been incessant and the weather is progressively getting chilly. But that won’t stop us from getting our fill of a thick milkshake along with some warm bread to go, will it? This wonderful pie in the guise of a milkshake is made using milk, vanilla extract, bananas, a pudding mix, and crumbled shortbread cookie! YUM! To convert it into an adult beverage, add a shot of rum or vodka and your boozy milkshake is ready!


Toasted Vanilla Bean Bourbon Shake

All the marshmallow fluff please! Bring in bourbon and vanilla bean and the equation is complete! Get your kitchen torch and blenders ready. This inspired concoction is the most refreshing adult shake, the taste and resulting slushy creaminess of which is beyond comprehension. It is lovely to have along with a greasy burger and a paper plate full of crispy French fries. Who’s up for this now?


Spicy Vanilla Chai Breakfast Milkshake

Chai spices and Vanilla are the next big thing in the milkshake zone! This standout vanilla milkshake recipe is the one you should go to when you are looking to enjoy something strong yet soothing. This shake is made infusing ground ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, a mound of vanilla ice cream, and store-brought tea-bags. This is an absolute delight for tea lovers.


Creamy Vegan Vanilla Milkshake

This milkshake is brilliant. Imagine having this with a grilled three cheese sandwich. It is made using vanilla ice cream, coconut sugar, almond milk, vanilla bean, soy whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. This sweet and delicious vegan milkshake is totally suitable and will be a hit among people who are lactose intolerant. Get your straws ready because we’ve got some slurping noises to make!