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5 Of India’s Favourite Ghee Sweets



A.K.A Mysurpaaa (K is most often replaced by the sweet melting your mouth!)

Every bite of this just melts in your mouth leaving behind the sweet and smoky aftertaste of Besan roasted in Ghee. The taste is one you can travel all the way from Kashmir for!

Bombay Halwa

Available in all colours!

This traditional Bombayian sweet which resembles a jelly is another Ghee sweet one can die for! Colorfully made, it is both pleasing to the eyes as well as the mouth.  It has a soggy texture and the taste of cardamom gives a faint spicy-sweet flavor to this dish.

Gajar ka Halwa

As good as the name!

Gajar ka Halwa is very famous in the north. It is super tasty that it made everyone experiment Halwa with all other replacements of Gajar and failed miserably to replicate the taste of it. Made entirely out of carrots, it makes you tear up for all the time you picked up carrots aside from the dishes in the childhood. This sweet is one even the carrot-haters cannot escape. The sweet taste of carrots complimenting the roasted flavor of Ghee, topped with roasted cashews and spices brings an aroma that makes you want to eternally drown in the Halwa.


No, this is not about your cousin! The sweet-wala Laddu

Laddu is a spherical sweet that contains a LOT of ghee. That description should suffice for that’s all that matters. The sweet comes in different varieties. In the south, Laddus are made of Bundi while in the north Besan Laddus are very common. However, no occasion is complete without someone shoving this sweet into your mouth in India. It is not only tasty but it is also very special to all Indians for it has existed for centuries.


Royally Ghee-ed

Badushas are small circular sweets. They are made from maida and ghee. These are then dipped in sugar syrup for additional sweetness. The whole sweet just oozes with ghee and sugar.  They complement each other very well. This sweet is proof enough that god exists.