5 New Pubs In Bengaluru To Get Your Party On This Weekend

Chug chug chug!

Although there are quite a few local watering holes we tend to gravitate towards during the weekend to participate in a bout of several drinking games, we are always in the lookout for some new place that might tickle our fancy. After all, Bengaluru is a place where new pubs and breweries sprout up on an every day basis giving us a whole new taste of the good brews and amazing food. 

We have scoured the streets of Bengaluru to give you the five best places to visit this weekend, so you can enjoy a whole new outlook on your weekend partying. 

1. Alt – Whitefield

Alt is fancy roof-top lounge bar located on the Skydeck on the brand spanking new VR mall in Bengaluru. The beautiful ambiance of the place along with several delicious cocktails definitely gets high marks in our grade book. Alt is the perfect place to visit for a nice dinner with your significant other enjoying the amazing view of Whitefield and the beautiful weather of Bengaluru. 


2. Hammered – Cunningham Road

Hammered is the swanky new pub which opened recently to some rave reviews from our foodie friends. The quirky interior gives off the perfect fun vibe for a Saturday night party session with friends. You can enjoy some nice cold brews complimented by some amazing food at Hammered. If you are in the mood to indulge in some Hookah, there is no better place in Bengaluru. 


3. Gilly’s Restobar – New BEL Road

We always visit Gilly’s in Koramangala for some affordable food and nice cold beers after work. It is our go-to place to visit if we have a major dent in the wallet during the end of the month. The new outlet in New BEL Road gave us pretty much the same experience, with the added bonus of close proximity. Good music, good food and affordable booze; what more could you possibly want?


4. Mr. Bojangles – Koramangala 

Although we tend to stick with our regular ol’ brews if we are in the mood to drink, the beertails at Mr. Bojangles gave an whole new experience to this beer connesseiur. We do get quite snobbish when it comes to adding any unneeded flavors to our regular mug of beer but the beertails here is perfectly made to keep the essence of the beer alive but with some unconventional flavours. 


5. The Whitefield Arms – Whitefield

Another cafe/pub located inside VR Mall in Whitefield, The Whitefield Arms is an elegant British styled cafe and pub. Although the menu is quite limited and the brewery not open yet, Whitefield arms gave us a peak into a potential go-to place for us in the weekends. The cocktails and food were decently priced and the ambiance of it all puts it over the top for us.