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5 New Food Apps that are Awesome


Apps are the world today. There is an app for literally every action a human can perform. Apps have made our lives easier and us – lazier, in a good way. If you are a die hard foodie, here are some apps that you must know about.


Tastemade is a boundless app for the food lover who also loves to travel. Through a network of “Tastemakers” in 22 cities around the world, Tastemade offers short, one or two minute videos showcasing the coolest places for food lovers. You can also use the app to make your own videos during your travels and creates lists of the places you’ve been and want to see.


Wine lovers, Ahoy! Snap a photo of any wine at your grocery store and tap the wisdom of Vivino’s 9 million users who would give you their expertise.

Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

Used by millions of users, Urbanspoon lets you find the best food and dining experiences at over a million restaurants. It helps you discover restaurants, find your choice of cuisine and rate them. Available in the US, Canada, Australia and other major cities like Britain, let’s hope it comes to Inda soon.


Yummly is another recipe discovery app that combines beautiful pictures with recipes from around the web. You can filter recipes by the ingredients you have on hand, create different recipe boxes, and build shopping lists for the week based on the recipes you choose.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

This app brings you recipes and videos starring the Chef himself. The free iOS app comes with a taster pack that includes about ten recipes each month, or you can subscribe to monthly updates that include hundreds more.