5 Must Have Desserts In Chennai

Chennai is a sweet city and we love it and its vibrance. Even though there are plenty of delicious varieties of sweets to be found in Chennai, we think that these 5 unique desserts that you get here are an absolute must try. We have kept this list short because we care for you and believe that even if you are in Chennai only for one day, you must have a  short list like this and MUST try every item on the list.



Words cannot do  justice to this creation. Chocogasmic? Definitely! created by the fantastic Fresh Baked Goodness, you can find this gorgeous dessert in their many outlets or get them delivered to your home. Read more about what is is like to experience this food of the gods here


2. Amadora Gourmet Ice cream



Just say goodbye to your diet and order a scoop of everything! You will not regret it. See the passion behind creating such wonderful ice creams here.

3. Grand Sweets Thenga Boli

You will not come out of any Grand Sweets outlet without your arms full and your stomachs filled (or growling, if you only just spent all your money on all the food to take home and devour!) but the Thenga (Coconut) Boli will blow your mind away and stand tall among all the other goodies. The combination of jaggery, coconut and  dal is just sublime!

4. Tiny Chocolate Cake at Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

Even though the name says “Tiny” this cake is actually Ginormous! Made using the best chocolate the flavour and deliciousness of this cake will allow you to finish all by yourself and the name is there to help you re assure yourself that after all it was just a tiny cake. Share it with some one only to prove to them that it is one of the best cakes in India!

5. Sri Krishna Sweets MysurPa

This one is a given. You cannot miss it. Located at every neighbourhood in the city, Sri Krishna sweets will lure you in and envelope you in a mad desire to just buys as many boxes of this famous sweet as possible. Silky, rich, melt in the mouth, what can we say, this MysurPa has no equal.